Carrot Cake

Conner's sweet faceThe inspiration for the Connercat’s Deli name…

My cat, Conner.

I found Conner as a stray in 2011. My two cats had passed away several years prior, and while going through an illness, I wasn’t sure that it was yet time to get a new cat. I thought, “If God lets me find one by the side of the road, then He’s saying, ‘It’s time.'”

My cat Conner hamming it up

This little “con artist” stole my heart when I found him near my home, hence the name Conner — he “conned” me into taking him in. Plus, he always seems to get what he wants, but isn’t that typical with our pets?

A kitty with a sweet personality, Conner has an avid curiosity of everything and is often by my side. He was the best gift from God at a time when I needed him, a blessing that helped in my healing, and he continues to be a source of joy in my life.

My motto: “Carpe Feline” (Seize the Cat)